Meantime IT is an ISO 27001 accredited company that provides bespoke software solutions to a range of companies, including charities, franchise organisations, SMEs, and both Dublin and Heathrow airports. We also host and develop the AMaT improvement solution for the NHS.

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Case studies

See how our bespoke software has helped our customers and learn how it can help you

Dublin Airport Ltd.

When it comes to luxury, Meantime show Dublin that the sky’s the limit

The Listening Place

Meantime IT listens to volunteers to develop cloud-based system


How one health board in Wales is advancing care with evidence from AMaT

Heathrow Airports Ltd

Meantime’s software essential to Heathrow operations


Derbyshire Community NHS Trust uses AMaT to drive clinical improvement


Meantime helps Eggbase grow 400%


Lancashire Teaching Hospitals puts quality into action with new digital platform

Mobility Connect

Meantime make customer relations upwardly mobile


Meantime prove to be a solid foundation for the building industry


Stockport NHS Foundation Trust drives its quality aspirations with AMaT.

Edge of the World

Meantime take email to the Edge of the World

Catch Up

Meantime software helps charity to extend its work with struggling learners

Colchester Borough Council

Meantime clean up Council's act

eatsleepthink /Sheffield Futures

Creating resources for at-risk teens

Heathrow Airports Ltd

Meantime helps Heathrow put passengers first

Entrust Social Care

Meantime system saves Entrust £20k and 100 operational days per year

Heathrow Airports Ltd

Back to school for Heathrow’s retail partners


Coniston’s ordering system delivers extra income to its clients


Meantime put their finger on the pulse of audit management

Dove Nest Group

Bespoke software provides £100k return for Dove Nest

Coniston Corporate

Meantime’s bespoke system eliminates stress and enables growth

Helen O’Grady Drama Academies

The Midas touch helps drama franchise grow business

Because everything we build is bespoke, you might not see exactly what you need. If that’s the case please get in touch. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help you to take the first step to cutting costs and growing beyond all expectations.

What our customers say


We badly needed a new system that would streamline our processes, allow us more time to grow the business and most of all enhance what we offer our clients.


Philip Bolger, Platinum Services Manager


With AMaT, we have a system to capture what activity is taking place, one that gives people ownership and puts names against actions, and one that provides visibility of how projects are progressing and who has completed what.


Deborah Kershaw, Head of Outcomes and Assurance, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust


I have been using the database this morning for the first time, and I think it's excellent!


The Listening Place Volunteer


The system was built and delivered within two months, branded the way we wanted, built the way we wanted, and with a lot more intelligence than we’d anticipated.


Karima Khandker, Retail Academy Manager, Heathrow Airports Ltd. (BAA)


The team at Meantime really listen to what I need and are excellent at interpreting it.


Anne Fleck, Eggbase Ltd.


The staff at Meantime have been a delight to work with - always prepared to go the extra mile


Julie Lawes, Catch Up® Director


Meantime has offered us an exceptional and innovative service allowing our business to grow beyond all expectations.


Paul Reilly, managing director, Coniston Corporate Ltd


We look forward to continuing working with Fenner and his staff for many years to come.


Nigel le Page, licensor, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy


We haven't had a single second of downtime since Meantime's bespoke software was implemented.


Ian Brindley, Entrust Social Care


With Meantime, everything gets done quickly and with minimum effort.


Chris Leaning, managing director, Retro Co


Meantime were efficient and friendly, and their system solution has saved us time and money.


Louise Livesey, Managing Director, Mobility Connect


Meantime gave us, and Sheffield Futures just what we wanted: an app that supplies the young people of Sheffield with an optimal and discreet solution,


Mike Marshall, eatsleepthink Design Limited


Meantime have answered all questions and implemented changes quickly and efficiently. Together we’ve been able to create fantastic system


N. Fairhurst Website Manager

About Meantime

When Fenner Pearson started Meantime in 2004 he did so because he believed the one-size-fits-all approach wasn’t good enough. He believed that if a business has a unique selling point, then it needs a unique approach. He believed software is built around people, adapted to their needs.

Bespoke software can change as you grow.

Nearly fifteen years later, and with a close-knit team based in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside, we keep it personal. We don’t hire casual teams. We don’t change account managers and we don’t ever stop supporting you. That means we grow with you.

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News Updates


ISO27001, Hosting, and what Meantime does for you

We recently made a number of changes to our infrastructure. Not uncommon in IT by any means. We communicated this to our clients and, to our surprise, one of them asked us what exactly it was we had done, and why.
Meantime IT - business systems that work

Coping with Covid

Over the course of every year, we review all of our ISO 27001 documentation set to ensure that it is up to date and that there is mutual recognition between our processes and how we’ve documented them, i.e. that we do what we say we do.

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